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28 June 2016

We have a line of interesting and unique electronic products and projects, both assembled and in kit form. These are the kind of specialty items not carried by large retailers. Most of these items usually are difficult to find and have to be custom made. In most cases these have been described in leading electronics magazines in the past, such as Radio Electronics, Electronics Now, Popular Electronics, and other magazines such as QST and Nuts and Volts.

We supply such items as Amateur TV and low power FM transmitters, specialized receiving and receiver accessories, antennas, short wave accessories, educational and video projects. They are available in kit form or assembled and tested as desired

We also have lighting controllers for special lighting effects and light displays. These have been used in commercial signage, home holiday displays, museums, amusement parks, restaurants, and for theatrical purposes. These are normally sold assembled, but are also available in kit form

On this site are a number of technical articles including articles by us, describing construction of most of our projects and kits in great detail, and other subjects of interest. These are referenced from appropriate kit pages. Whatever we sell is thoroughly documented and supported, and designed to be fully serviceable and repairable.

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Several kits have been discontinued but are still shown on website.

See Discontinued Kits before ordering

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