I started North Country Radio in 1975 as a TV and CB 2 way radio repair organization, after moving to the country.  The business did TV and CB radio repair and installation, as well as handling warranty service and "dogs" from other local shops unable to do these repairs. I also did various consulting jobs in RF circuit design and other analog and digital circuitry, and taught a course in electronics. I closed this shop in 1984 to do full time consulting. In 1986 myself and the late Rudolf F Graf got together and wrote a construction article for Radio Electronics Magazine. We decided to offer kits and then went full time into writing articles and providing kits. We also wrote two books on video scrambling and descrambling, and co-authored several electronic circuits books. This eventually became a full time occupation and Mr Graf and myself wrote many articles, many of which are posted on this website. They were published in Radio Electronics, Modern Electronics, Electronics Now, Popular Electronics and QST magazine. Through the 1990s and the first few years of the new century we did much of this work. Originally we had a sales office in New Rochelle NY and did the engineering at my lab in upstate New York. We got on the web in 1996 and starting selling kits and finished items online as well as mail order. Mr Graf passed away in 2004 and the entire facility relocated to my PO Box 200 Hartford NY office, where I continue to operate the business. Many changes have come to pass since the kit business started back in 1986. Computers, the internet, and the "digital revolution" to name just a few. We continue to improve and still offer many of these original kits and assembled items, and while it is getting harder to obtain certain parts, we still have manyt of our original items available. All kits are well documented and supported, and we get very few support and "help"calls as a result. Most of our kits have appeared in published articles and all have been well tested and proven.  The  available kits are listed in categories shown on our home page, and within reason, can build custom items using them in modified form.
Bill Sheets, M.E.E, Owner.
Ham Call      K2MQJ
PO Box 200, Hartford NY 12838-0200
EMAIL: support@northcountryradio.com      Tel 518-854-9280        Internet http://www.northcountryradio.com