Longwave Club of America            Lots of information about LF operation, more links

   American Radio Relay League      Information about Ham Radio, Licensing, Articles, etc.

   ANARC                                               Association of North American Radio Clubs; All phases of radio

    Kenwood Repair                             Solid state and tube radio repair and restoration.

    DX Central Dot Com                       DX information, propagation

   Space Weather                                 Current astronomical and solar events

Ham Radio Info & Resources          Ham Radio Information and Resources with links to other sites

1000                                  Good source of bulbs for use with our light controllers

Amateur Radio Resources                 Information on Scanners  

Phone Systems and Ham Radio     General Info on Ham radio with more links

Soldering Irons and Equipment       Soldering irons and aids

Learning Morse code                         Information on learning Morse code

Sources for parts                                 Electronic Products Magazine                                    Hard to find & unusual lightbulbs for our controllers