The Voice Messenger and Identifier is a device for recording a voice message up to 2 minutes in length and then playing this message back either continuously or on demand. During the message, a signal is also produced to key on a transmitter or other device.

Some applications are as follows:

  • Control of AM and FM LP transmitters such as our AM88, MPX96, and MPX2000 for voice announcements
  • Talking signs for real estate and other sales applications
  • Warning message delivery over paging systems
  • Delivery of messages or directions to passing automobiles.
  • Control of transmitters for broadcasting a message or warning.
  • Amateur radio HF-VHF-UHF DXing, contests, and field day, as a "voice saver" for repeatedly calling CQ.


Some features of this unit are:

  • Completely solid state, no mechanical or other moving parts
  • Up to 2 minutes of recording time, retains message with loss of DC power.
  • Operates from 7 to 15 volts neg ground DC supply, 3 ma standby
  • Up to 3 volts audio output, can directly drive a small speaker
  • Built in microphone for recording messages
  • Automatic gain control during recording avoids distortion and audio artifacts
  • Keying output switches up to +30 volts @ 250 ma to ground during message, for transmitter control
  • Variable interval between message repeats.
  • Single message on demand or continuous looping.
  • Interfaces with our MPX96, MPX2000, or AM88 LP transmitters for FM or AM, and our 2 watt TV transmitter
The Voice messenger and Identifier is completely solid state and uses an analog memory to store up to 120 seconds of audio in an EEPROM memory array. Message is retained during power off periods and can be any length without "gaps" between messages. The PC board is 2.50 X 2.75 inches and can be mounted in a case as a stand alone device, or can be used as a module in a system. The kit consists of the PC board and all parts that mount on it. An optional case package consisting of an undrilled plastic case and all necessary jacks and connectors is also available for mounting the circuit board as a stand alone device.
Price: Basic Kit (PC Board only)   $49.50. USD.
Price: Optional Case Package     $17.25 USD
Prices do not include shipping and handling
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