This Controller controls the brightness of an incandescent lamp load based on the audio level picked up by an on-board microphone. It is designed for special effects applications, security uses, holiday and party lighting or other novelty applications The controller can operate from 12 to 120V AC and will handle a load up to 2.5 amperes, watts, or up to 6 amperes with a suitable external heatsink attached. Note that this controller does not latch in response to sounds, but only turns on AC power to the load during the presence of audio input. It will respond to ordinary room sounds, such as opening and closing doors, dog barks, movement of objects, breaking of glass, radio, TV, conversation, and speech sounds. Since this controller uses a triac for load switching, only AC loads can be controlled by the audio input. if it is operated from a from a DC supply, the controller will latch upon receipt of a sound, and the load will be permanently switched on until the load circuit is interrupted. This circuit does not use phase controlled switching, so it produces very little RF interference to other devices.
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