PS12-500 Regulated DC Supply
The PS12-500 power supply is a regulated 12 V DC supply that is mounted in a plug in style case. The transformer and regulator are mounted in a plastic case 2 X 2 X 3 inches with integral prongs for direct connection to any 120V AC outlet. Not to be confused with common "wall warts" this unit is fully regulated and filtered and provides a smooth DC output with loads up to 500 mA. Specs are as follows:
  • AC input 115-125V AC 60 Hz
  • DC Output 12V nominal at up to 500 mA, 600 mA intermittent
  • Hum and Ripple 30 mV typical
  • Regulation 0.1 volt no load to full load typical.
  • Has 6 ft cord with 2.1 mm plug, (center positive)
  • Size 2" W X 2" H X 3" L, (50mm x 50mm x 75mm) Weight 13.5 Oz (380 gm.)

This power supply can be used to power many of our kits operating from a 12V supply. Below is a list of kits that can be run from this supply:

  • ATV12-440MK2 (single and 3 channel), ATV-MINI-440, and ATVJR440
  • ATVMINI-900, ATV12-915, and ATV12-1300
  • All Downconverters DCNV-440, 915, 1300
  • Video IF kit IF44
  • LP Transmitters AM88, LF90, and MPX96
  • AM and FM Carrier current receivers
In addition, many other devices needing 12V at up to 500 mA may be used with this supply, such as video cameras, small radios and receivers, and experiments. Comes with 2.5 x 5.5 DC plug, center positive. Fits many devices as is, or can be changed to suit as required to use this power supply with specific devices.
Note that suitable RF precautions should still be taken when using this item with LP transmitters. In particular, the transmitter should have a good RF ground plane and the power supply cord should be fitted with ferrite bead or toroidal RF choke cores to avoid RF from the transmitters getting into the AC lines and causing induced hum. See our technical section for information on this subject.
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