Active Antenna components. A 120:12V AC transformer is supplied with the kit (USA/Canada version only). RF Cable is needed (CATV type) but not shown. RF Cable handles both signal and power for preamplifier.

A 6 inch version is shown instead of the normal 26 inch length so it fits in photo, but this shortened version still works very well.

Active Antenna Installation. Antenna is mounted on top of 5 foot piece of plastic pipe, with ground wire running to ground rod visible in lower left of photo
Active antenna with view of preamp. The pickup wire, which is the actual antenna, is housed inside the PVC tube, which may be 1 to 4 feet long as desired. One end of this wire is connected to the preamp input, the other is fastened to a plastic cap used to seal the top of the tube. An external isolated preamp ground connection is available for low noise applications.
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