This is the 8 channel chaser system PC board ready for mounting in a suitable enclosure. An extra heatsink may be attached to the main heatsink if extra power handling capacity is desired. Load and mains connections are made to the ten terminals in the foreground. The four terminals on the right side are for grounding and a separate 9 to 24 V AC or DC controller electronics power supply input. This is done for safety, so that the PC board electronics are isolated from the AC load power lines.  A small transformer supplies this power for the board electronics. Program pattern is selected with the 6 section DIPswitch in the upper left hand corner, and the shaft on the top center is used to adjust the speed of the display.

These photos show the chaser PC board mounted in an 8" x 8" electrical box, with eight outlets for light strings connected to each of the eight channels. The transformer that powers the PC board electronics is in the lower left hand corner of the box. Weatherproof plastic PVC boxes are used to allow outdoor usage in bad weather. Wiring is passed through short lengths of 1/2 inch plastic conduit to the outlet boxes. The entire assembly can be mounted outdoors on a post or the side of a building. LEDs on the PC board showing the pattern being produced allows easy setup and adjustment. Access in this application is gained by removing the four corner screws holding the gasketed lid in place. Power is supplied via a power cord coming up through the bottom via a weatherproof connector. For outdoor applications the supply line must be a ground fault protected line for safety. This is required by most US electrical codes. All plastic boxes are standard electrical items available at home centers or electrical supply houses.




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