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This modulator unit operates from a nominal 9 volt supply (use 220 ohm resistor in series for 12V) and outputs on either CH3 or CH4, depending on connections. It is useful for interfacing video kits to a TV receiver having no direct video and audio input facilities. In most cases the DC power needed for the modulator can be taken from the same source as the kit. Audio is also supported. The modulator comes with an application diagram. Specs are as follows:
RF output 1 millivolt into 75 ohms
Frequency VHF CH3 or CH4 (61.25 /67.25 MHz)
DC power source 8 to 9 V negative ground
Video Format NTSC Audio Subcarrier 4.5 MHz
Video input 1 V p-p NTSC neg sync 75 ohm
Audio input Line level 0.5 to 1 v rms hi-z
Mechanical Size 2.75" L X 1.40"H X 0.75"W   Typ.
RF Connector Type F for RF output
Other Connections Wire leads for DC, audio, and video
This modulator can be used with the Video Palette II and other items for interfacing purposes
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