This transmitter board will accept an NTSC video signal and will generate a corresponding RF signal modulated with this information, as well as a sound subcarrier in the 420 to 450 MHz band. A crystal for 439.25 MHz is included with the kit. The signal can be received on any standard TV receiver fitted with a suitable RF downconverter capable of tuning the 420-450 MHz Amateur band. If the TV receiver is capable of tuning these frequencies directly, no converter is needed. CH 60 on some cable ready sets is 439.25 MHz, and it is possible to modify certain sets to do this, but for best results a dedicated downconverter outputting on an unused VHF channel (CH3 or CH4) is recommended. This allows an optimized RF front end and best reception range .The small size (1.75"x2.75") is comparable to many small PC board cameras and is small enough for R/C applications in which a video link is needed, robotics, or amateur TV. Operation is possible from nominal 9 to 14 volt power supplies, with minor adjustments in video drive. Lead acid, nicad, or alkaline power packs may be used. Less than 8 or more than 15 volts is not recommended. Power output will be typically from 0.5 to 1.2 watts over this range.

The Mini 440 requires standard NTSC or PAL video. TheMini 440 can easily be retuned for a 5.5 or 6.0 MHz sound subcarrier used by the PAL system. The video input requirement is standard 1V p-p 75 ohms, negative sync. The video amplifier and modulator is DC coupled . Audio inputs from 5 mV to 1 Volt can be accomodated.

NOTE THAT A VALID AMATEUR LICENSE PERMITTING OPERATION IN THIS BAND IS A REQUIREMENT FOR OPERATION OF THIS DEVICE ON THE AIR. Note that this transmitter has not been submitted for type approval and is intended for AMATEUR USE ONLY by suitably licensed amateurs.

IT IS ILLEGAL TO OPERATE THIS DEVICE IN THE USA ON ANY COMMERCIAL TV FREQUENCIES. In the USA this means a code free license (Technician class) is required, so if you can build this kit you should easily be able to pass the required exam.

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