Long Wave LF Receiving Converter for 10 - 535 kHz

If you have a receiver that does not cover frequencies below the AM broadcast band and would like to listen on the longwave frequencies, this kit might be of interest to you. This low frequency upconverter enables reception of signals in the 10-535 kHz range on any receiver covering the 3 to 5 MHz range. A built in active antenna circuit also permits use of a very short receiving antenna. The incoming LF signals picked up by a short (1 to 2.5 meter) antenna are amplified, and filtered to reject signals above 550 kHz and fed to a double balanced active mixer where an LO signal of 4 MHz is mixed with the 10 to 535 kHz signals to translate them to 4.01 to 4.535 MHz. The LO crystal can easily be changed to another frequency in the 3 to 10 MHz if desired, for an IF output in another 530 kHz wide band of frequencies (i.e. 80 or 40 meter amateur band, etc.). Signals heard in the 10 kHz to 535 kHz band include weather forecasts, European domestic AM broadcasting (150-285 kHz), aircraft and marine beacons, fixed point-to-point CW, ship-to-shore CW, navigation aids, 1750 meter part 15 experimenter band at 160-190 kHz, Amateur signals in the 136 kHz range, Omega signals at 10-14 kHz, and natural atmospheric phenomena such as tweaks, sferics, and whistlers. At the bottom of this page are links to pages concerning long wave topics

The downconverter may be mounted outdoors. The coaxial cable (ordinary 75 ohm TV antenna cable works well) carries the IF signal to the receiver and also DC power to the converter. The cable is fed power from a DC block assembly mounted near the receiver, and is powered by a 12 volt DC regulated wall transformer.

Kit includes PC board and all materials to complete it, die cast case, jacks, as well as all parts and die cast case for the DC block unit. The wall transformer (Model PS12500 recommended) is not included and is sold separately.

A 3 to 10 foot (1 to 3 meter) whip antenna is recommended for use with this converter. This can be almost any whip or rod antenna. A 96 inch to 102 inch stainless steel ham/CB mobile whip works well, or alternatively an equivalent length of wire can be used. Coax cable (50 or 75 ohm, any kind), and antenna are not included and can be obtained locally.


Complete Kit with die cast cases        $77.95 USD

Assembled and Tested Converter and DC Block        $117.95 USD

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