The Frisker is basically a small metal detector similar to the wands used in security applications, for frisking subjects for hidden metallic objects carried on their person. Guns, knives, tools, or other metallic objects can be detected without using ones hands to frisk subjects, a procedure many find objectionable. The frisker circuitry is housed in a 3/4 inch length of inexpensive PVC pipe, and is less than 12 inches long. The sensing coil is mounted at the end, and the electronics fit inside the pipe. A small plastic box is used as a handle and housing for a small battery pack, switch, and speaker. The presence of a metallic object near the sensing coil causes detuning of an oscillator circuit, and the signal produced by the oscillator circuit is mixed with a crystal controlled reference frequency in a mixer circuit. The audio difference frequency is amplified and fed to a speaker, where any detuning due to metallic objects in the field of the sensing coil causes a change in audio tone.

The Frisker project is featured on the cover of the Nov 2002 Poptronics magazine with construction details on page 21
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