These 1 ampere controllers allow the use of any ordinary low cost candelabra, mood lamp, or chandelier employing ordinary incandescent lamps to simulate the flickering illumination given off by a candle, oil lamp, or gas lamp. Special purpose bulbs are available for this application, but are often expensive, generally dim, and come in very few styles. These controllers are completely electronic and produce a truly random effect difficult to achieve using traditional approaches that employ several square wave generators or ordinary analog timer circuits. A microcontroller is used to generate a random effect without discernable patterns or repetition cycles seen in other non-random approaches. Therefore a realistic appearing flame effect is achieved. If the bulbs are placed closely together in a small fixture, the effect of motion is produced, as if there were a flame present. You can see a 5 second movie by clicking here. These controllers use efficient switching type circuitry and power dissipation is minimal. Three models are available, a single channel unit, one having three channels, and use two 3 channel controllers for 6 channels. The one and three channel units will be useful for lanterns and small candelabras using one to three bulbs. The 6 channel unit consisting of two 3 channel controllers may be used for larger 4 to 6 light candelabras, lanterns and chandeliers. For a larger number of lamps, more controllers can be used as required. While two or more bulbs can be used on each channel up to its rated load (1 ampere), best visual effect is obtained if each lamp has its own separate channel. Each channel is totally separate with individual random waveforms so no repetition of patterns are produced, nor is there any "chaser" effect, in which the lamps all flicker with the same pattern but with a time delay evident among the bulbs. There is no requirement to use all three channels in any one controller, so any number of bulbs can be used. An ordinary 3 way switch used with common 3 way bulbs can be optionally wired to the 1 and 3 channel controllers to produce three steady levels of illumination, in addition to the flickering flame effect if desired. They may be easily wired into an existing lighting device in most cases. The single channel controller is only 2" long, and 0.7" wide and fits into a 3/4 inch candle sleeve.

These controllers can also be used with a number of suitably colored lamps to simulate a fire in a fireplace, or in a candelabra or other lamp using multiple bulbs. Many applications exist, such as Halloween and Christmas lighting, or in situations where mood lighting or special effects are desired. Use of incandescent lamps may greatly reduce the danger and fire hazards associated with candles and oil lamps, while still producing the same kind of lighting without open flames or danger of fuel spills and toxic fumes. These controllers can operate with 12 to 120 volt lamps (240V also supported on special order), with up to 1 ampere load per channel, and operate on AC of either 50 or 60 Hz. Flicker rate is adjustable for realistic effects. There is no limit to the number of controllers used as long as there is space for installation. For larger loads of up to 10 amps per channel, and up to 8 channels, please see our Chaser System, with up to 32 switch selectable flashing patterns, or a random effect similar to these controllers.

These controllers will not operate with DC loads or reactive AC loads, and are designed for resistive loads such as incandescent lamps, resistively ballasted glow (neon) lamps, or AC operated LED lamps only. Flourescent (standard or compact) type, transformer operated, or ballasted gas discharge lamp loads are not supported. They will operate from dimmers that supply a symmetrical sinusoidal AC waveform, typically down to about 20% of line voltage. Operation from other type dimmers is not guaranteed and at your own risk. A separate controller designed for low voltage DC use with LEDs or incandescent bulbs is available for battery and other low voltage applications where the direct use of line voltage is undesirable

Price 1 Channel Controller  Assembled and Tested  $31.95 USD
Price 1 Channel Controller Kit  $21.95 USD
Price 3 Channel Controller $41.95 USD (Assembled and Tested)
Price 3 Channel Controller $31.95 USD (Kit)
Price 6 Channel Controller $76.95 USD (Assembled and Tested)
Price 6 Channel Controller $57.95 USD (Kit)
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