This controller enables the use of any ordinary incandescent lamp to simulate the flickering illumination given off by a candle, oil lamp, or gas lamp. Special purpose bulbs are available for this but are often very expensive and come in few styles. The controller is completely electronic and produces a truly random effect . A microcontroller is used to generate a random waveform without discernable patterns or repetition cycle seen in other approaches. Therefore a realistic appearing flicker effect is achieved. Traditional approaches using several square wave generators and ordinary timer circuits cannot do this. The controller uses switching type circuitry and power dissipation is minimal. As phase controlled switching is not used, very little RF interference is generated and is not a problem to other equipment in use. Several of these controllers can be used with a number of suitably colored lamps to simulate a fire in a fireplace. Useful for Halloween and Christmas lighting, or in situations where mood lighting is desired. Eliminates danger and fire hazards associated with candles and oil lamps. This controller can be used with 12 to 120 volt lamps (240V also supported on special order), up to a 2.5 ampere load, (6 Amperes with a suitable heatsink) and operates on AC of either 50 or 60 Hz. Flicker rate is adjustable for realistic effects with different lamp sizes. This controller will operate from dimmers that supply a symmetrical sinusoidal AC waveform, typically down to about 20% of line voltage. Operation from other type dimmers is not guaranteed and at your own risk.

Below is illustration of a Christmas wreath using a 120 Volt flame style incandescent lamp and one of these controllers. The controller is mounted inside a small cardboard tube used as the candle body. The bulb lamp and socket fit into the top of the candle body. The controller requires about 20 mA, the rest is consumed by the lamp. The kit consists of controller board and all parts that mount on it. Wreath is for illustration only and not included as part of this product.


Christmas Wreath Candle using Flicker Controller

Wreath shown for demonstration purpose only and is not part of product

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(Assembled and Tested)

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