The electrometer kit consists of a very high impedance amplifier and rectifier system for use with a 100 microampere meter movement. These meters can be widely found in surplus houses or taken from junked equipment. The effective input impedance of the circuit is 100 thousand megohms and the circuit will detect currents as small as one picoampere. An op amp circuit is used as a rectifier and polarity indicator and polarity is indicated by green or red LEDs. The kit can be made into a voltmeter having 100000 megohms input impedance and having ranges of 0-1, 3, 10, and 30 volts AC or DC. A balance control is provided for nulling the meter and a guard circuit is used at the input to avoid stray leakage effects from producing erroneous readings. The kit contains the PC board and all the components that mount on it, and precision matched hi-meg resistors for range selection. The meter movement and optional range switches are not included. Operation is from eight AA cells.


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