The E-H meter kit is a device for measuring the relative magnetic and electric field strengths present around all operating electrical devices. This is important to know as there has been some research and studies done as well as anecdotal evidence that indicates that these fields may pose a health hazard. The danger is not well established as to the exact nature and magnitudes of those fields that may be dangerous, but the most likely are those of power frequencies and low audio frequencies (to 1 kHz or so). In addition, higher frequency fields found around video terminals and some newer devices such as switching power supplies and compact flourescents using electronic ballasts, may also pose a hazard. The E-H meter has three functions, H relative, H and E. The H relative function measures the magnetic fields present by measuring the voltage induced in a coil of wire. The induced voltage in this sensing coil is amplified, rectified and used to drive a 20 segment LED bar graph indicator, in the dot mode, to save battery consumption. The H relative position simply measures the induced voltage in the sensing coil without regard to its frequency components In the H position the meter has a 1/f frequency response (-6 dB/octave). This gives ideally a voltage output proportional to flux density, that is independent of frequency. Doubling the frequency will double the voltage, but it would be amplified half as much. This function can be calibrated to give a reading of magnetic field strength. Fields as low as 0.00002 gauss can be detected if an external pickup coil is used, and .001 gauss with built in coils. The measurement of electric fields is done using a short antenna probe connected to an amplifier circuit. The induced voltage is rectified and displayed on a bar graph display to give a relative indication of electric field strength. This function can be used to detect poorly or ungrounded electrical appliances and the E fields produced by them.The circuit will easily detect the presence of AC in a wire, such as a lamp cord, several inches away, and can be used to find "hot" wires without a direct connection. Due to using a short E field probe, sensitivity is proportional to the frequency of the field. Frequency response in the HR and E positions is 5 Hz to 10 kHz, with usable sensitivity to well over 50 kHz for use in checking VDTs and TV sets. Batteries required are 2 ea 9V transistor radio batteries or 8 ea AA cells
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Batteries (AA cells or 9V), holders for optional AA cells, and materials for the optional remote sensing coil are not included. These are best purchased locally at a hardware store or home center.

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