This controller is intended for use in DC applications including incandescent and LED lighting displays, automotive displays and light bars, theatrical, and sign applications. It is very similar to the AC model except for the use of power MOSFET switching transistors rather than triacs. It produces the same patterns and operating modes as the AC model


1) Power handling capability up to 6 Amperes / channel *, 8 channels, 30 Amperes max line current *

2) Will operate with DC line voltages from 6V DC* to 42V DC. Uses MOSFET Switching transistors

3) Low cost, small size 146L x 89W x 37H (mm) may be mounted in standard 8 x 8 inch weatherproof PVC electrical box. Size in inches is 5.75L x 3.50W x 1.5H

4) Fully programmable, 32 different routines, microprocessor controlled

5) No mechanical relays, motors, or contacts to give trouble, all solid state

6) On-board LEDS display selected light pattern and confirm proper controller operation

7) Switching speed adjustable over a 100:1 range for desired effects

8) AC version for 6V to 240V is available. Click here for details


* Note.... For 12V to 42 V operation the full 6 Amp rating applies. For 6 Volt operation, maximum recommended load is 2 Amps per channel due to unavoidable MOSFET voltage drop and available DC drive limitations.

Assembled and Tested    $173.50 USD
Kit    Price $120.50 USD
Custom routine can be programmed on special order with assembled units
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