For R/C Aircraft, Robotics, and Amateur TV use

This redesigned version of our ATV JR-440 features an improved video modulator with adjustable clamping level for improved video stability. Power supply variation is also better tolerated, important in battery operation. Video bandwidth is in excess of 5 MHz, allowing the use of either NTSC or PAL video. This transmitter board will generate a corresponding RF signal modulated with this information in the 420 to 450 MHz band (70 cm). RF power output is in excess of 0.5 watts at 13.8 volts supply voltage. The small size (1.75"x 2.75") of this transmitter is comparable to many small PC board cameras and is useful for R/C aircraft, rockets, robotic vision applications, and amateur TV use. The signal produced by this transmitter can can be received on any standard TV receiver capable of tuning to 439.25 MHz and can be received on a cable-ready TV receiver (USA Cable channel 60). The kit comes with a 439.25 MHz crystal. Operation is possible from nominal 9 to 14 volt power supplies, with minor adjustments in video drive. Lead acid, nicad, or alkaline power packs may be used. Less than 8 or more than 15 volts is not recommended. Power output will be typically from 0.5 to 1.2 watts over this range.

The ATV JR-440MK2. model has all of the video performance capabilities of the MINI440 except audio support. It is suitable for those applications where cost is a factor and / or audio is unnecessary. Physical dimensions are the same but the pc board differs somewhat in layout.

The ATV JR-440MK2 requires standard NTSC or PAL video. The video input requirement is standard 1V p-p 75 ohms, negative sync.

NOTE THAT A VALID AMATEUR LICENSE PERMITTING OPERATION IN THIS BAND IS A REQUIREMENT FOR OPERATION OF THIS DEVICE. Note that this transmitter has not been submitted for type approval and is intended for AMATEUR USE ONLY by suitably licensed amateurs. IT IS ILLEGAL TO OPERATE THIS DEVICE ON THE AIR IN THE USA ON ANY COMMERCIAL TV FREQUENCIES. In the USA this means you will need a code free license (Technician class) so if you can build this kit you should easily be able to pass the required exam.

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