This 32 routine controller is intended for use in incandescent lighting displays and sign applications. Controllers are often sold as integral ready made assemblies that are part of light sets used for Christmas, Halloween, and other decorative lighting purposes. However, these are generally limited in power handling capability and operate small low voltage lamp strings which are permanently wired to the controller. These light sets often become cliches when everyone in the neighborhood gets them at their local home and building store, quickly losing their novelty and originality. It is possible to use a separate controller for custom displays, but controllers of this kind are not widely available, usually only expensive units sold at high prices for professional use. This programmable controller can handle a total of several kilowatts of lighting loads, with eight channels capable of handling 6 amperes or more per channel. A common 30 light 120 volt C9 outdoor string can draw as much as 300 watts. Often a home decorated with several C9 light sets placed in bushes and shrubbery will use a total of five to ten light sets. Therefore several kilowatts power handling capability is not unrealistic overkill. Using the pre-programmed routines to turn on and off individual strings of lamps in certain sequences, many interesting and unique lighting effects can be produced. Additionally, this unit can also be used as a component part of advertising signs, displays for carnivals and fairs, or for use in party or disco lighting applications, as well as many other uses limited only by your imagination. Available pre assembled and tested, or in kit form. Construction of the kit is very simple, as there are in reality very few different components, with 8 identical channels. The electronic circuit power is separate from the controlled AC power for both safety and flexibility of application. Any small DC or AC supply delivering 12V at 100 mA or more will do. This is derived from the AC input line with a small transformer mounted inside the case used to house the controller. The transformer is separate for maximum application flexibility. If the controller will be used to control low voltage ( 8 to 24 volt ) AC lighting, this same voltage can be used directly to power the controller circuitry. The controller board and transformer can be mounted inside a plastic electrical box or metal case as needed.

For DC applications with 6, 12, 24, 32, 36, or 42V supplies a DC version is available. Click Here for details


1) Power handling capability to 5 kW, 6 Amperes / channel, 8 channels, 20 Amperes max line current

2) Will control line voltages from 6V AC to 240V AC

3) Controller circuitry is isolated from AC power lines for safety and flexibility of application

4) Can be wired for 3 wire 120 / 240V 15 or 20 Amp AC operation to handle large loads

5) Low cost, small size, may be mounted in standard 8 x 8 inch weatherproof PVC electrical box

6) Programmable,  32 routines,  microprocessor controlled. Preprogrammed with 29 routines

7) No mechanical relays, motors, moving parts, or contacts to give trouble, all solid state

8) On-board LEDS display selected light pattern and confirm proper controller operation

9) Switching speed adjustable over a 100 : 1 range for desired effects

Price $173.95 USD   Assembled and Tested
Price $120.50 USD   Kit
Custom routine can be programmed on special order with assembled units
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