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                                                                                          WE ARE RETIRING


                               The time has come time to retire. After 33 years in the business we have seen many changes in the electronics industry and the electronics hobby. With the availability of so many ready made low cost black box modules and assemblies, the construction of many items is no longer economically feasible and practical. While there is still a demand for hobby kits, the economics and practicality of supplying them, stocking parts, credit card fees, and other overhead makes for too low a profit margin. One only has to notice the recent closing of many large electronics parts and hobby stores and the disappearance of small retail local electronics parts shops in the past two decades. Also the disappearance of most electronic hobby magazines from the newstands.  Gone are the days when electronics hobbyists mostly built things from scratch.

                      Writing software and plugging black box modules together often has little to do with traditional electronics work. And it does not interest many "hands on"electronics hobbyists that enjoy projects requiring soldering, circuit design, and fabrication.   It is possible to write software and use a computer without knowing basic electronic theory. Skills such as how to design, build, or troubleshoot a circuit, install and solder a connector, or use test equipment are often unnecessary.

                       We are discontinuing sales of kits and assembled items as of February 15, 2019. However we thank all of our past customers for their support and often useful suggestions. The business will continue, but will be part time only. We will continue to support our past customers and still can supply most replacement parts.


Purchases of parts and PC boards can still be made but payment must be via cash, personal check or postal money order.

                                                                                                      Credit cards or PayPal can no longer be accepted

Many Parts and PC boards are still available for our discontinued kits

A list of many useful, hard to get ICs, transistors, coils and other parts for sale, for ham radio projects and experimenter use, will be posted as time permits

We do not sell modules, computer components, mechatronics, or other mechanical items

email: or call 518 854 9280 for more information, leave a message if no answer, we will return calls ASAP